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Do you find it difficult to scale innovation processes at your company? Enough of just hearing Design Thinking, Lean UX, Design Sprints? Whether knowing how to actually adapt in your company nor implementing in your software development processes? In our training, we teach in a very hands-on way to use techniques for teams to design, learn and launch better features and products by potentially compressing months of efforts into weeks.

What will you learn?

Bring Lean UX into Scrum

  • Create a problem definition canvas that guides you through your processes.
  • Find ways to shift the culture of design and development of a Scrum team through Lean Principles.
  • Learn a disruptive process named ''UX Burner'', that brings in the best of Lean Thinking, Product Design and Agile packed into a repeatable and battle-tested process.

DIY guide to complete Process

  • Step by step guide to our UX Burner process.
  • Learn workshop practices and artifacts that are involved within the UX Burner process.


  • A DIY tookit that include the entire process, methods and worksheets that help teams to easily onboard the process in your Agile teams.


Target Audience

Product Managers, UX Designers, Product Owners, and others incharge of digital products or product teams, Startup Founders, Executives at large companies, Team Leads and Managers, Process Gurus and Agile Evangelists.

Price: 500€/person includes VAT (19%) for full day & 250€/person includes VAT (19%) for a 3 hour teaser workshop.

Location: VSF Experts GmbH, Mannheim.


On-premise workshop: We would be happy to provide trainings at your company. Please request quote if needed.

Registration: Please send us a mail to

Duration: Depending on your needs, we offer 3 hour teaser workshops and 1 day trainings.

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Do you have questions to enroll in our trainings? Or is there a challenge your company needs to accomplish with your product design projects? We’d love to discuss how we can work together with you to explore exciting opportunities. Please send a mail to .