UX BURNER gives companies a repeatable system to constantly design better products, faster with SCRUM teams. Whether you need to build a new product from scratch, improve a product or give your team a creative culture, UX BURNER has you covered.



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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

  • What is UX BURNER?
  • What will this book teach you?
  • How is this book organized?
  • About me
  • Why this book?
  • Disclaimer

Part 2: Process first, Products next

  • Design your design process
  • Innovation is all about execution

Part 3: Rethinking Product Design With SCRUM

  • A dream team or an odd couple
  • Break your design and development silos
  • Pursuit of a dream team

Part 4: Do It Yourself

  • UX BURNER framework
  • Step by step guide
  • Create a perfect UX BURNER team
  • UX Levels & its impact on backlog prioritisation
  • UX BURNER Methods
  • Worksheets
  • Recommended tools
  • Scale for In-house and remote teams

Part 5: Case studies

  • UX Burner Stories from companies & other organisations

Part 6: Shift your organisation

  • A practical guide to foster creative culture

Part 7: Conclusion

The Story Behind UX BURNER

 In today’s market place, product disruption can come from anywhere to create impact and change the lives of people. User Experience is often the key differentiator for a product to compete, it is what that distinguishes good products from the great products. It has been widely proven through Design thinking strategy, that product innovation often occurs where the individuals and teams embrace creativity and solve product challenges in a cross- functional and collaborative setup.


What really matters for companies is building lightweight methods and processes for problem-solving, creativity, and iteration. Product development teams should design not just great products, but a process for continuously designing great products. Processes help remove a layer of uncertainty, so, each time when a team start with a product, they don't have to reinvent the wheel. Agile software development process has been widely preferred over waterfall software development process in many industries. Among different agile methods, SCRUM is popular among companies to build products with improved team work, better communication and faster results. When companies build products using Scrum as their Agile development process, often they are faced with challenges to harmonise the practice of their design and development teams to function as a dream team. What if there was only one unified process to make product development teams to stay both User-Centred and Agile? Wouldn’t be great if there was a process that helped teams to test, build and deliver minimum viable products or features in just two weeks?.


To address this challenge, UX BURNER was created. UX BURNER is a process that intends to make UX Design and SCRUM methodologies seamlessly integrate and function as just one process for repeatable genius, yet providing room for creative freedom and collaboration. It is based on Design Thinking and Lean User Experience (Lean UX) processes and its methods. The development phase of UX BURNER included several research and validations with Agile and UX experts worldwide and it is now being incorporated successfully in creating VSF Expert’s home-grown products namely VCX (Vehicle Compliance Xpert) and Orbiter.

About The Author


Gowtham is a Usability Engineer relentlessly excited by the future. A maker and doer who finds satisfaction in bringing ideas to reality. Gowtham is passionate about finding the most impactful ways to bring user-centred processes, products and experiences successfully to market. He lives in Germany and works for VSF Experts, GmbH.

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Table of Contents