User Experience Services

Let VSF's UX experts ensure that your projects succeed. Do you know that 70% of projects success is based on happy users that have high adoption and satisfaction. UX is not a nice to have any more, It is a key element for success.

Why investing in User Experience matter?

Ratio of achieved goal to defined goal

Avoid reimplementing features. User involvement in projects results in getting the design right the first time

Cost Efficiency

A Good UX Eliminate Support and Training Costs

UX programming contribution

UX is included in 50% or more of a projects total code and 80 % of the typical fixes are influenced by UX

Why choose VSF Experts?

Our passion is to solve complex challenges and create meaningful and cohesive experience for users. We love to design great product experiences for Business to Business and Business to Customer applications. We have a diverse experience in designing and evaluating content-heavy websites, complex web applications and digital products. Our UX Experts come from diverse background in the field of Psychology, Usability Engineering and Human factors.

Who can we help?

We believe great work is not done alone. Constant collaboration across our customers is essential for creating world class work. We work with

  • B2B or B2C customers who wants to embrace UX design in projects
  • Design Agencies that want to learn our techniques
  • UX consulting companies that want to innovate and
  • Hardware companies

How do we work?

Whatever industries you are from, we work with you to understand the business needs and recommend the most suitable UX service. We always involve you throughout our process and keep you updated with our final recommendations and we will expose you to do the best practices of UX design on your own.

What are our UX Services?

User Research

We gather insightful data and align your team and the project vision with user research activites.


Contextual Interviews

Journey Maps

Card Sorting

Field Research


Empathy Maps

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Interaction Design

We analyse and synthesise our research findings and convert them into interactive experiences by designing structure and information to your products.


Low- & High-fidelity Prototypes

Information Architecture


Content Design

Visual Design

Design Principles

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Usability Evaluation

We use our expert knowledge in combination with industry standards to evaluate User Experiences.


In-person Usability Testing

Remote Usability Testing

Usability Heuritics

ISO 9241-110/11 Dialogue Principles

Cognitive Walkthroughs

Usability Evaluation on webites, web & mobile applications

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Are you interested to kick start your project and need help with our UX Services? We would be glad to freely asses the UX maturity of your company and help you with our most valuable UX Services. Please send a mail to .